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Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Shaylene (yes that’s my real name), and I’m, well I’m me for a living. I have talents; I model, I do hair and makeup, I bartend events, and sometimes I get paid to “just look pretty”: don’t worry that’s not all as great as it sounds but I’m sure you’ll learn more about that as we go on. Anyway, I think it’s important to keep an open mind and not limit yourself. I hate labels, I hate titles, and I hate expectations.

I’m starting this blog because, well I have a lot to say. I’m not much of one to speak my mind online, I’m more of an in person, person. But times have changed and it’s time to start new things.

I’ll be looking at social media in a new way. Anyone who actually knows me, will know that social media is my least favorite part of my “job”. I use it as a business tool and I don’t involve my personal life too much. Since it looks like Instagram will no longer let me get by off my looks (; , I’m going to put in the effort to be more personable and connect with my followers. The goal is to enjoy it more and see it as less of a chore.

A few other things to come in 2021:

Barely Cooking with Chef Shay will be launching in 2021. My assistant (Scarlet Begonias) and I have been working hard on bringing you a new, hopefully entertaining way of learning to whip up some grub. The show will be broadcasted on YouTube and IGTV (@barely_cooking) .

My own membership site: Let me start by saying f***k OnlyFans. First off, you’ll get hacked and they really don’t give a shit. Second, to all you making stacks off the platform, more power to ya. However I’m sick of being called an “onlyfans girl” and being stereotyped as basically a cam girl. I use (soon to be used) the platform to display my professional nude modeling work because Instagram doesn’t allow it. When people join my site, I want them to appreciate the dope art for what it is, and not slide in my inbox asking for sex tapes. My site is ready to go and will be live as soon as I conquer some technical difficulties.

If you continue to follow and read my blog. you’ll learn that my views may be different then yours, my grammar sucks, and I say/do what I want. Take it for what it is. Leave a comment, send me a message, forward to your friends, or never read a post again. Either way I’m glad you’re here and welcome to Shay’s World.

xo Shaylene

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