Hospital Visit

I am very grateful for everyone who is concerned about me and my health, and to all of you sending me positive vibes. I've decided to make a post explaining exactly what is going on so y'all can get a better understanding, About two years ago, I had fainted and had my first seizure like episode. Since then, I have had one about every few months. Each one is different and we have not been able to point out any consistency in why and how they happen. Within the last year, they have become more frequent and much more intense. But still not frequent enough to really pinpoint triggers. When I told my Dr. about my first episode he started monitoring it as syncope. Because they have got progressively worse, he sent me to a neurologist. Even with insurance, it took me 6 months to get a Neurologist appointment. The Neuro Dr recommended an EKG (to test my heart) and a 48hr EEG (to test my brain). I have been hooked up to 27 electrodes which are glued to my head to monitor my brain activity, and a heart monitor for my heart. Within just a few minutes of being hooked up to the machines, they did two exercises that may provoke a seizure and help them see how my brain reacts to those tests. The first one was a photic stimulation where they flash lights in your eyes for a few minutes. The second one is a heavy breathing test where you basically hyperventilate for a few minutes. I didn't go into an episode right away but just a few minutes after the test completed, I had not one, but 3 episodes back to back . This may not sound fun (its not), but its a good thing because the EEG will pick up my brain activity during those episodes. After my stay, I am hoping for answers and a treatment plan so I can go about my life as I normally do. It's scary and exhausting but I know I'm okay and I hope you all know that too.

xo Shay

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