Health Update

A 2 day hospital visit turned into 5. While monitoring my brain during an EEG, my heart was also monitored and tested. During these observations, the cardiologist had discovered that my heart goes into a 2nd degree block. Basically my heart doesn't always pump enough blood and sometimes not enough oxygen gets to my brain. In turn, causes me to pass out. That is the theory. To test their theory, I am now on a 24hr heart monitor for 30 days. This monitor is on the left side of my chest and sends the data to a little cell like device. I will take that device to my cardiologist at my two week check up and he will let me know his findings. Based off the data the heart monitor picks up will determine our next steps. So that's just one part of the problem and possibly explains the episodes where I go unconscious. I have another type of episode where I am sometimes conscious and those are triggered by anxiety, stress, and emotional trauma. My neurologist has now referred me to a Psychiatrist for cognitive behavioral therapy where I hope to learn how to better deal with stress and anxiety and to avoid my body reacting to it the way it does.

This experience has opened my eyes and shown me that our minds are more powerful then we think. And I need to take care of my mental health so it no longer affects my physical health. And sometimes I just need to slowwww down. Day to day, I feel great and am as healthy as can be. We are closer to answers but we don't have them all yet. I trust my doctors will soon get to the bottom of it and my health will no longer be a worry to me or any of you. I can't thank everyone enough who has taken the time to check up on me, send positive vibes, and share their own stories that relate to mine. It's all very much appreciated.

xo Shay

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