Adult Bullying

I was almost shocked to witness what I heard the other day. Grown ass adults making fun of their “friend” for what he chooses to put on his social media stories. Which mind you, he’s just working out. And then telling him it’s because “he’s his real friend for telling him everyone’s talking shit about him” Okay no. A real friend would tell the other “friends” exactly what I tell everyone; if you don’t like it. Don’t watch it. Its really that simple. But no, people can’t just tap to the next story and move on.


Why should said friend have to stop doing what makes him happy because you don’t like to watch it. A “real friend” would encourage what makes their friend happy unless it was hurting him or anyone else.

Why do we think people need to hear what negativity is spoken behind our back? We don’t. We are all human with the right to do what we please (to an extent of course) and we shouldn’t have to worry about rude ass remarks from our friends when we aren't harming anyone or doing anything wrong.

What is said behind our back, is none of our business. Everyone has people talking shit about them. It’s life.

Ive had my fair share of online bullying and rude remarks on social media. But for me and my give no fucks attitude, its easy for me block and/or ignore those people. It's not like for everyone and not everyone can let things go. Some people take what is said to heart and it can really damage them mentally.

It’s really simple guys. Leave people alone and let them live their life. If it’s not hurting anyone , what’s the problem? It’s not fair to expect everyone to think the same or do the same as you.

I can’t stress this enough, don’t like it, don’t look!


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